A coach-led population health program

Kannact is a coach-led population health program that delivers measurable outcomes across three pillars: preventive, mental, and chronic condition management.

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Beyond Claims Data

What percent of your population is late for a recommended breast or colon cancer screening? What percent have been screened for depression in the last 12 months? What percent of the diabetics have their HbA1c under 8.0%?

Claims costs are lagging indicators for population health: they tell you what you should have done three years ago.

Kannact pulls medical records and lab results from health information networks, real-time prescription data from fulfillment networks, and patient-generated data from our own devices. We then measure, report, set goals, and guarantee progress based on metrics that map directly to the HEDIS scores defined by the NCQA: industry-standard measures of population health that drive well-understood impact.

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A relationship-first program

Many point solutions take a similar approach: (a) analyze claims data, (b) identify the problem, (c) call the problem and hope they pick up the phone. They get 10% that meaningfully engage, at best.

At Kannact, we take a different approach. Everyone gets a personal health coach and everyone is directed to meet their coach on a scheduled call. We start with engagement because we believe that the best outcomes begin with a human-to-human relationship. We start with everyone, because we know the stigma of being singled out.

From then on, their health coach is responsible, and accountable, for their long-term outcome improvement. The coach makes sure they make it to their cancer screenings and the coach screens them regularly for depression and alcohol abuse.

That's how we engage 25+% of employees in a meaningful relationship with their health coach. That's why 50+% of people are still working with their coach 12 months after enrollment. That's how we put 100% of our fees at risk to guarantee preventive, mental, and chronic condition health outcomes that map directly to industry-standard HEDIS measures.

We call it the 25/50/100 plan. And we'll guarantee that, too.

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