A coach-led population health program

Kannact is a coach-led population health program that delivers measurable outcomes across three pillars: preventive, mental, and chronic condition management.

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Beyond Claims Data

What percent of your population is late for a recommended breast or colon cancer screening? What percent have been screened for depression in the last 12 months? What percent of the diabetics have their HbA1c under 8.0%?

Claims costs are lagging indicators for population health: they tell you what you should have done three years ago.

Kannact pulls medical records and lab results from health information networks, real-time prescription data from fulfillment networks, and patient-generated data from our own devices. We then measure, report, set goals, and guarantee progress based on metrics that map directly to the HEDIS scores defined by the NCQA: industry-standard measures of population health that drive well-understood impact.

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A relationship-first program

Many disease management vendors take a similar approach: (a) analyze claims data, (b) identify the problem, (c) give the problem an app. They get 10% that meaningfully engage, at best.

At Kannact, we take a different approach. Everyone gets a personal health coach and everyone is directed to meet their coach on a scheduled call. We start with engagement because we believe that the best outcomes begin with a human-to-human relationship. We start with everyone, because we know the stigma of being singled out.

From then on, their health coach is responsible, and accountable, for their long-term outcome improvement. The coach makes sure they make it to their cancer screenings and the coach screens them regularly for depression and alcohol abuse. If they have chronic conditions, the coach gives them connected devices to monitor their condition remotely (glucometers with test strips shipped monthly, blood pressure cuffs, and weight scales).

That's how we engage 25+% of employees in a meaningful relationship with their health coach. That's why 50+% of people are still working with their coach 12 months after enrollment. That's how we put 100% of our fees at risk to guarantee preventive, mental, and chronic condition health outcomes that map directly to industry-standard HEDIS measures. It's our 25/50/100 guarantee.

Don't believe it? If you show us the utilization report of your current health coaching or disease management program, we won't charge you anything until we beat their engagement numbers.

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Kannact’s health coaches are board certified with the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching. That certification focuses on behavior change theories, motivational techniques, and health education and literacy, which form the core of Kannact’s coaching program and our theory of change.

Beyond their certification, coaches continuously work with our Coach Quality Specialists who review calls from each coach every week and score the calls on their successful execution of Motivational Interviewing techniques.

In addition to their formal training focused on health and wellness coaching, Kannact health coaches are continuously trained by, and meet weekly with, our interdisciplinary team of health and behavioral experts which include:

  1. Doctors (M.D.)
  2. Pharmacists (PharmD)
  3. Psychologists (PsyD)
  4. Social Workers (LCSW)

Kannact Whole Health is a Per Participant Per Month program, which means we only bill for active participants. So, who is that? Anyone who fulfills all the following requirements:

  1. They have scheduled and engaged in an initial meet-your-coach call and agreed to participate in the program.
  2. They have not told their coach or Kannact’s customer service team that they want to leave the program.
  3. They have not been “unreachable for 90 days”. This happens when the coach is trying to reach someone and is unable to get them on the phone or get them to respond to any message for 90 days. At which point, we stop billing for them.

It’s worth noting that our performance guarantee, which puts 100% of our fees at risk based on health outcomes performance, covers everyone that is an active participant, but does not cover anyone else. In other words, we bill for those we guarantee, we guarantee those we work with. It’s a pay-for-outcomes model.

Kannact’s coaches are providers of Health and Wellness Coaching. Kannact’s in-house EHR system, which our coaches use, connects to the Health Information Networks of other EHR systems to exchange data with other providers. This framework of providers sharing data, and the massive technical improvements we’ve seen in the sharing of data, are driven by the legal framework of the 21st Century Cures Act. The premise of that legal framework is to make it easier for providers to cooperate across organizations and EHR systems.

The upshot of integrating with these systems is that our coaches are able to write notes and reports that can be seen by the rest of the patient’s primary care team. It also means the coach has access to the relevant information from that care team: lab results, preventive screenings, and prescriptions.

We do not have a minimum group size. For detailed reporting on health outcomes and performance guarantees, we have a minimum number of active participants. These minimums are most easily achieved by groups with more than 500 members. For smaller groups with less than 500 members, we offer detailed reporting on enrollment and activity - everything they need to implement a successful program.

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