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7/3/2024byNandan Rao

A Star is Born: Naming our New Clinic

At Kannact, we love health coaching. We breathe motivational interviewing, and we dream in open-ended questions and affirmations. We’ve seen these techniques change the lives of thousands of our patients, many of whom would have never thought to seek out a personal coach to help them with their chronic condition or their health behaviors, and many of whom would have never been able to afford it if their employer didn’t directly contract with us to provide it to them.

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4/18/2024byClaire Oates

Your Gut Health: Ways to Improve It

Did you know your gut is the foundation of your health?! Your gut is critical in the breakdown of the foods and absorption of the nutrients that help fuel your body and keep it functioning properly. Gut health is not only linked to digestion, but also immunity, mood, and the way we think. Some common signs of an unhealthy gut may include upset stomach, bloating, disturbed sleep, and unintentional weight changes.

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3/27/2024byClaire Oates

Why Plant-Based?

Imagine being able to increase your lifespan through diet alone… well, you just may be able to! Following a whole-food, plant-based diet can help you live longer, and could even lower your risk of heart disease by 29%!

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3/7/2024byNandan Rao

Medicare Covers Health Coaching

As of January, 2024, Medicare now recognizes and covers the services delivered by board-certified health and wellness coaches and educators. Medicare will reimburse for CPT codes 0591T, 0592T, 0593T. These services can be delivered remotely, even audio-only, to anyone covered by Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans.

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12/18/2023byCoach Cory, RDN, LDN, NBC-HWC

What is mindful eating?

Have you ever mindlessly polished off a bag of snacks and before you know it, they’re all gone, leaving you thinking, “Did I really just finish those?” This common experience is known as distracted or mindless eating. With mindless eating, you are disconnected from the eating experience. You might start eating because it's a typical mealtime or because food is simply available. You might eat quickly and stop eating when your food is gone, then realize that you didn’t really taste any of it and reach for more.

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12/5/2023byNandan Rao

Estimating Cost Savings in Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

In this post, I will do my best to explain some statistical problems that often plague our industry. What industry is that? Anyone who is offering, or evaluating, health and wellness services offered to payers with relatively small populations (thousands or tens of thousands), such as self-insured employers.

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9/15/2023byMaria Fuenmayor

Health Coaching for Health Equity

By now, you've likely heard the terms "health equity" and "social determinants of health." As it turns out, paying careful attention to these two things can be key in program adherence and utilization, increasing employee engagement, and improving overall health and well-being for your members.

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6/28/2023byRuby Perez

Healthcare File Transfer Data Breaches 2023

We are only halfway through 2023 and already multiple critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in major secure file transfer applications. The news of the latest MoveIT Transfer vulnerability comes just a few months after a vulnerability in GoAnywhere MFT, another file transfer software, was exploited in a set of attacks which began in late 2021. These vulnerabilities have disproportionately impacted the healthcare sector, including hospitals, health systems, and government agencies [source]. The Russia-linked ransomware group Clop reportedly took responsibility for the mass attack on more than 130 organizations using a zero-day vulnerability in GoAnywhere MFT [source]. The same group is now responsible for a zero day vulnerability in MoveIt Transfer [source].

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5/15/2023byNandan Rao

Transitioning to Kannact Whole Health

For the past 8 years at Kannact, we have focused on providing the best, personal, 1:1 health coaching for people with chronic conditions. Over those years, we’ve learned that to really be effective, health coaches not only need good training and access to a good clinical team to support them, but they also need the right tools and the right data, at the right time.

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4/17/2023byJavier Mad Adell

From Individual Goals to Population Change

At Kannact, we give every participant individual goals for each applicable health outcome that we track. Goals are very simple: for each outcome, the participant's goal for a given year is either to "improve" or "maintain", depending on their outcome in the previous year.

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4/12/2023byNandan Rao

Notice of Cyber Security Incident

We have become aware of a data security Incident that may have resulted in unauthorized access to some of our members’ sensitive personal information. We have engaged a specialized cybersecurity firm to conduct a forensic investigation and, while that investigation is still ongoing, we believe it is appropriate to notify our members of the potential breach.

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4/5/2023byJavier Mas Adell

Kannact in 2022: A Case Study

In 2022, Kannact decided to align with HEDIS to measure performance. We selected a cohort of 694 active participants for which we were able to measure their health state over 2 consecutive years. We evaluated 1344 goals from those 694 participants. We give our coaches 12 months to achieve these goals with the participants. 72% of those goals were met.

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10/1/2022byStephanie Flores

You spoke, and we listened!

About a year ago we made it our goal to understand our users on a deeper level. To get to know who they are and what they need to make lasting changes in their lives. After all, that’s our mission at Kannact. So we hunkered down and kickstarted a project to interview as many people as we could- our health coaches, existing participants, churned participants, and even people who have never heard of Kannact before. Here are some of the key insights we gathered and what we’ve done (or are doing) to improve our member experience.

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5/10/2022byNandan Rao

An easier enrollment process

At Kannact, our 1:1 health coaching has always had great long-term engagement. People connect with their health coach and their health coach stays by their side every step of the journey to ensure they reach their health goals. That’s how we’ve delivered our great health outcomes since the beginning.