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A coach-led remote patient monitoring program that closes gaps in care related to chronic condition management. It's already covered under most insurance plans, so you just have to refer.

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The behavioral problem

Under value-based care contracts, Physicians groups and ACOs are expected to deliver population health outcomes. Traditional clinics and health systems, however, are organized around providing a service to individuals that ask for help, when they ask for help. Unfortunately:

  1. Some people with worsening health may not come in to the doctor to request help.
  2. Some people may not follow the advice or prescription given to them.

Clinics under value-based care contracts are losing money on these people, whose behavior and participation they do not control.

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The behavioral solution

Each patient is assigned to a Kannact health coach. Kannact’s board-certified health and wellness coaches are experts at behavior change and health education. The coach is responsible for building a relationship with the patient, actively reaching out to keep them engaged with coaching sessions, remote patient monitoring through connected devices such as glucometers and blood pressure cuffs, and monitoring their medication adherence via real-time prescription fulfillment data.

We guarantee to close a set of core care gaps, increasing the reimbursement under value-based care contracts. We take risk in our contracts to ensure that we are paid only when outcomes are delivered. Our solution does not require any new software to be installed in the clinic and or training for practitioners.


  1. Refer patients to their Kannact health coach, by providing a link or helping them schedule a time directly.
  2. Read the updates from the Kannact health coach that appear directly in the EHR system the practitioner is already using.

With those two things, Kannact gathers and manages the data on population health and closes gaps such as:

  1. HbA1c control (<8%)
  2. Blood Pressure control (<140/90)
  3. Medication adherence (PDC >80%)
  4. Preventive cancer screenings
  5. Annual wellness visits
  6. Depression/alcohol use screenings
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