Human driven digital health

We know that changing health habits is hard,

and we know this because we’ve failed ourselves time and time again. We feel motivated one week and then the whole project feels impossible the next. It’s a marathon. To succeed, we need support by our side, with us every step of the way.

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We are the human-driven digital health company who believes that to make big changes in their lives, people need support.

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Our mission is to be that support for those living with chronic conditions.

Our health coaches have guided thousands of people over years-long journeys to improve their A1C scores, cholesterol, blood pressure, kidney function, exercise, and diet. Each with their own unique path, their own unique plan, and their own personal health coach by their side.

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How does it work?

We work together with employers to design a free health benefit to actively support members who have chronic conditions and prevent condition development for everyone else.

All health plan members are paired with a dedicated health coach. Health coaches are trained to help people identify health goals and provide them the support they need to achieve them. This is a coach-led behavior-change program focused on achieving goals too difficult to achieve alone.

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What does their coach offer them?

  • A personalized plan centered around their unique health goals and lifestyle

  • Expertise in behavior-change and goal-setting for people with chronic health conditions

  • An accountability partner to keep members on track with their health goals

  • Free medical equipment to monitor their vitals at home

  • Emotional support when it’s needed most

The program, including devices and supplies, is completely free for the participant.

Employers are only charged for those who actively participate in coaching.

Results or your money back

For those who work with their coach continuously for 2 years, we guarantee HEDIS-based results: controlled A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol, and medication adherence.

If an employer doesn’t see the same results in their population, we give their money back.

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