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A Star is Born: Naming our New Clinic

Nandan Rao

At Kannact, we love health coaching. We breathe motivational interviewing, and we dream in open-ended questions and affirmations. We’ve seen these techniques change the lives of thousands of our patients, many of whom would have never thought to seek out a personal coach to help them with their chronic condition or their health behaviors, and many of whom would have never been able to afford it if their employer didn’t directly contract with us to provide it to them.

A year ago we started exploring the feasibility of a new way to deliver these services to more people, making it both more accessible and affordable to millions of people across the country. We wanted to launch a telehealth clinic focused solely on these behavior-change, preventive services. This clinic would be entirely remote, would be able to serve patients in all 50 states, and accept all major insurance plans. Our clinic would not replace family doctors and local clinics, it would instead work together with them to provide this new service to their patients.

We’re excited to announce that not only did we create that clinic, but that it’s already beginning to grow. We are finding partners, clinics and health systems, across the entire country, who are referring their patients to our coaches and seeing the results in engagement and outcomes.

So, we have decided it’s time to give our new clinic a new name: Starlight.

Starlight is the virtual, preventive care clinic that offers culturally responsive, remote care management in collaboration with health systems, clinics, providers, and community healthcare workers across the country. Want to take a look for yourself? It’s easy to join Starlight: anyone can sign up at https://hellostarlight.com/join, get matched to a health coach, check their insurance coverage, and begin improving their health one guided step at a time.

Kannact is dedicated to continuing to invest in Starlight, to grow insurance coverage to all 50 states, and to continually improve both the experience of our patients as well as the providers referring their patients to us. We believe that through Starlight, we can bring these valuable services to more communities, especially those traditionally underserved, and work closely with the primary and acute care physicians who know those communities best.

For those who are already working with our clinic, we will be transitioning to the Starlight brand over the next 3-6 months your implementation team will work with you to make sure that is convenient and seamless.