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Devices And Wearables

Devices And Wearables

Kannact works with device manufactures that are open for integration into third party platforms. We support devices that support Cellular, Bluetooth Technology or have SDK.

  • Regular and Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight Scale
  • Pulse Oximeter

"We offer testing supplies that are shipped directly to the patient's home in order to eliminate pharmacy trips."


Kannact supports all manufacture wearables that are compatible with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.

Real Time Biometrics

  • Our easy-to-use app, glucometers and blood pressure cuffs allows real time biometric tracking
  • No co-pay supplies shipped straight to the user’s door
  • Open architecture design allows integration to any third-party monitoring devices

We Are An Integrated Mobile Platform

  • Syncs with biometrics/fitness apps and devices
  • Communicate with coach via secure text
  • Easy to use phone app or web portal
  • Interact with family or provider
  • Learning modules are highly adaptable to the participant’s style of learning