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Kannact Overview

What differentiates Kannact from other chronic management solutions is our high level of personalization: our product is designed to help the patient incorporate disease management into the patient’s unique lifestyle, not to make the patient build their lifestyle around disease management.

Kannact patients have seen a 37% improvement in A1c scores and 35% fewer hospital stays.

"The Kannact program for remote disease management, and the results it delivers, make an unmatched solution for managing individuals whom are historically more costly to your health plan.  More importantly, it will enable your employees to live healthier and longer lives."



Kannact focuses where it is most difficult and costs are highest.

Transformative Care

Our continuum of care provides the total solution for high-risk patients.

Customer ROI

Health Plans spend on average $1,250 to $1,950 pm on a chronic person.

Multi-Mode Communication

You don't have to manage your health risks alone.

Channel And Distributions

Channel And Distribution Partners

Closing The Loop

Closing the Loop with Provider and Health Plan

Devices And Wearables

Kannact works with device manufactures that are open for integration into third party platforms. We support devices that support Cellular, Bluetooth Technology or have SDK.

  • Regular and Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight Scale
  • Pulse Oximeter

"We offer testing supplies that are shipped directly to the patient's home in order to eliminate pharmacy trips."


Kannact supports all manufacture wearables that are compatible with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.

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Outcomes And Reports

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Kannact Active Participants: Average Claims Costs Per Person