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To our Partnered Health Plans and Valued Clients,
  • Among times like these Kannact's mission remains the same. We are here to support and partner with our participants living with chronic conditions to improve day-to-day management in order to make lasting impacts on their health. People with chronic conditions are at a much higher risk of serious complications should they be exposed and contract COVID-19. Now, more than ever, our value as a remote management solution is evident.
  • As the entire Nation has seen, many businesses have experienced roadblocks to normal operational processes as social distancing, mandatory closings, and restrictions on travel occur. Kannact has maintained our ability to operate to the highest standard with little disruption. However, given the high acuity of the population we serve and the services we provide, we want to ensure our clients that we have contingency plans in place should a potential issue arise, in light of so much uncertainty at this time.
  • Some of our glucometers and test strips come from manufacturers and suppliers overseas and we have already been notified by the FDA that some international shipments may be held for additional screenings and quarantine. While this has not created any problems to date, we want to be proactive to ensure your populations do not go without needed testing supplies and assure you that we are prepared should any shipments be delayed. At Kannact we value the clinical data we receive from the devices and their technology, however we can all agree that it is most important that your employees and our participants have the ability to test their blood sugar and blood pressure, without delay. We have secured a large number of manual (non-cell signal) glucometers and test strips from a domestic supplier to ensure we can provide all needed supplies to your members should internationally shipped supplies be held in customs and cause any delay. While this is not ideal, it is the best path forward to avoid disruption that could negatively impact your employees’ health status. Kannact Coaches will continue to provide our primary value through personal coaching should we have to use a non-cellular capable device. Kannact will keep all of our clients updated should we have to begin shipping these devices.
  • We have also been asked by some of our customers if we are able to continue to operate and proactively assist their chronic populations if many of our employees are required or encouraged to stay home as part of a community, state, or national initiative or mandate. As a remote care company, we had already put in place measures for this occurrence whether it be a natural disaster or pandemic. All of our staff go through two rounds of HIPAA training with the second being an additional certification. Additionally, we have our staff provide images that illustrate a HIPAA compliant space to work from at home and have them sign documents acknowledging they will value patient privacy at home to the same standards they are accountable to within the office workspace. This allows us to operate just as we do any other Kannact, Inc. 17300 Chenal Parkway, Suite 300 Little Rock, AR 72211 workday and continue to deliver valuable management and clinical advice to your employees with chronic conditions.
  • We encourage our partners to promote remote solutions like Kannact to their populations at higher risk to prevent going to areas with greater likelihood for exposure unless absolutely necessary (i.e. physician offices, urgent care, etc). We will be working with patients to explain how those living with Chronic Conditions are at significant health risk should they contract COVID-19, how to prevent exposure, how to prepare should they get sick and what to do if they get sick. We will, of course, educate on any temporary changes in meters (should we need to ship them).
  • Kannact wanted to take the opportunity to provide our clients an update on how we are preparing in order to prevent any disruption to services as well as assure you are all feeling confident with the measures we have taken. Kannact values your business and the opportunity to serve your population. If you have any additional questions or concerns please reach out to the Director of Client Experience, Allie Barker. She can be reached at 501-804-5939 and via email at


Krishna Rao, CEO