Our Three Pillars for
Better Health

Kannact has pioneered a proven approach to chronic disease management that recognizes the unique challenges every person faces. Our coaches get to know the individual so that, together, they can chart a path to better health. Here are the three pillars of our approach that help us achieve superior health outcomes:


Kannact’s purpose-driven coaches invest the time get to know individuals, their constraints and motivators to find their “why” for change.

Kannact coaches, who are all skilled healthcare professionals, act as non-judgmental accountability partners for participants on the journey to better health.

Personalized Engagement

We enable each participant to select the coaching delivery platform that works for their unique circumstances and their level of medical literacy.

Kannact’s dedicated coaches give each participant the flexibility to engage when and how they choose.

Pathways to Health

Kannact crafts an individualized pathway to health for each participant including those with multiple chronic conditions.

Our pathway to health is based on deep engagement, extensive health data and sound practices and standards of care across a broad range of chronic conditions. We set ourselves apart from everyone else by including medication management as part of each pathway to health.