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Kannact Overview

What differentiates Kannact from other chronic management solutions is our high level of personalization: our product is designed to help the patient incorporate disease management into the patient’s unique lifestyle, not to make the patient build their lifestyle around disease management.

Kannact patients have seen a 37% improvement in A1c scores and 35% fewer hospital stays.

"The Kannact program for remote disease management, and the results it delivers, make an unmatched solution for managing individuals whom are historically more costly to your health plan.  More importantly, it will enable your employees to live healthier and longer lives."

Kannact Comprehensive Approach

  • Understand
  • Personalized profile buildup from Medical, Pharmacy & Wellness Data
  • Engage
  • Nurse Coach provides real time biometric and medication feedback
  • Optimize
  • Medical team helps with individualized medical and pharmaceutical plans of care
  • Coordinate
  • Nurse Coach coordinates with Health Plan/Provider for continuum of care
  • Impact
  • Track and report reduced medical & pharmacy costs

Kannact Focuses - where risks & costs are highest

High-Cost High-Risk Members

  • Intensive focus & medical analysis to provide continuum of care
    • ‘Closing the loop’ with the provider
    • Rx and Drug oversight on each participant
    • Personal Nurse coach

Intermediate Cost & Risk Members

  • Evidence-based program to reduce medical and pharmacy costs
  • Decrease risk of entering high-cost claimant category
  • Personal Health Coach

Pre-Chronic/ Rising Risk Members

  • Preventative care
  • Personal Health Coach
  • Patient education & support